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The Retro-Studio at SchwuZ: THE Cult Classic for 20 Years

Hey, have you heard about SchwuZ in Berlin? If not, it’s high time you did! Because they host the Retro-Studio, and for two decades, it’s been an absolute blast. Every first Saturday of the month, this place is buzzing. Think you know all the hits from the past decades? Get ready to be blown away!

Imagine walking into the club, and suddenly you’re hit with the all-time favorites that go straight to the core and give you a massive dose of endorphins. From the funky 70s, the wild 80s, to the cool 90s or the 00er years – there’s something for everyone.

But wait, there’s more! A real highlight is the Drag Tribute Show for Bono from U2. And guess who rocks the stage as Bono? That’s right, Connor Linigus! With energy and charisma, Connor brings the U2 vibe right into SchwuZ.

Did you catch the video interview with Connor? In it, Connor talks about the experiences and what Connor hopes for from bump! It’s really intriguing to hear how Connor prepares for the performances and what the Retro-Studio means to Connor.

In short: The Retro-Studio at SchwuZ isn’t just a party; it’s an experience! So, next time you’re in Berlin and looking for a great time, you know where to go. Drop by, party to your favorite tunes, and let Connor as Bono enchant you. The Retro-Studio at SchwuZ is waiting for you!


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