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Berlin’s Biggest Queer Club

Große beleuchtete BarBlick in das Foyer der Pepsi Boston Bar im SchwuZ Queer Club Berlin
Große Kettenbar in gruenem Licht im SchwuZ Queer Club Berlin

SchwuZ is Berlin’s biggest queer club. We live queer pop culture and provide a stage for all forms of artistic expression. Since our founding in the year 1977, we’ve been an important meeting place for communication within the scene. We promote dialogue and offer space for exchange and respite. Get to know more about our club, association, our foundation and SchwuZ as an employer!


More Than Just a Club

Party and culture! As Berlin’s biggest queer club, we bring together dancing, art and community work all under one roof. The networking and development of the LGBTQIA+ community isn’t just our wellspring, they’re also near and dear to our hearts.

Join Our Team

We’re a fair and equitable employer with identification potential and meaningful employment possibilities. We’re looking for personalities for our team that share our views on diversity in life and self-confident identities. Apply directly online now!

Our SchwuZ Association

Our association is dedicated to preserving and developing SchwuZ as a queer space and cultural venue for the community. We’re working on finding new impulses and pathways to strengthen the LGBTQIA+ community – always as part of a process and always working towards positive change.

SchwuZ Queer Foundation

We at SchwuZ have been supporting queer art and culture for more than 45 years. This work was made manifest in the year 2021 with the founding of the SchwuZ Queer Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable foundation (gGmbH). The sponsor of the foundation is the SchwuZ e.V. and thus the community.

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