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More Than Just a Club

Blick in das Foyer der Pepsi Boston Bar im SchwuZ Queer Club Berlin
Blick in das Foyer der Pepsi Boston Bar im SchwuZ Queer Club Berlin

Party and culture! Welcome to SchwuZ. As Berlin’s largest queer club, we bring together dancing, art and community work all under one roof. Our clientele is as diverse as our projects. Women and men, or neither of the above, white and Black queers, queers of color, transgender and intersex people, gays and lesbians, bearded women, queens, butches and femmes, people with and without disabilities, people with migration backgrounds, young and old, and so much more all celebrate together here.

We live queer pop culture and provide a stage for all types of artistic expression. We’re more than just a club. From cabaret, theater, exhibitions, screenings, concerts, readings, discussions, shows through to the legendary party nights – our event calendar impresses with a multifaceted program. We also have a friendly, skilled and multifaceted team. SchwuZ is queer through and through. We promote dialogue and offer a place for communication and space for respite.

The networking and development of the LGBTQIA+ community isn’t just our wellspring, it’s a matter near and dear to our hearts. Since SchwuZ’s founding back in 1977, we’ve been and remain an important meeting point for the scene. Wonderful queer projects, including the city magazine Siegessäule, the Prinz Eisenherz Bookstore, the Schwulenberatung counselling center, and the first Berlin CSD were all launched at SchwuZ. We continue living and loving our club culture, beyond the typical social norms and rules: We’re loud, proud queers!


Our History

Forty-five years, four locations: Created as a gay meeting place in Berlin, today we’re a queer club for all colors of the rainbow – party and event location, cultural temple and meeting place, a safer space.

Plakat von der SchwuZ Eroeffnung im Jahr 1977
Founding of SchwuZ e.V., a registered association
Plakat von der Überlebensfete im SchwuZ
Fundraising party to preserve SchwuZ
Plakat von der Herbstfete im SchwuZ im Jahr 1982
Construction and inauguration of the first stage
Plakat von der SchwuZ Benefitz Veranstaltung im Jahr 1986
SchwuZ benefit event at Tempodrom
Plakat von der SchwuZ Eroeffnung in der Hasenheide Berlin
Opening of the club location on Hasenheide
Plakat von der ersten Safer Sex Party im SchwuZ
First Safer Sex Party in SchwuZ
Plakat von der Truemmer Party im SchwuZ
Founding of SchwuZ Cultural Events GmbH
Plakat von SchwuZ on the road
SchwuZ on the road
Plakat von der SchwuZ Party am Mehringdamm in Berlin
Reopening of the club on Mehringdamm
Plakat von der SchwuZ Eroeffnungsparty im Jahr 2013
Move to the club location on Rollberg
SchwuZ Eingang bei Tageslicht
Founding of the SchwuZ Club Management GmbH
SchwuZ Vorstand und Geschaeftsfuehrer halten die Gründungsurkunde der SchwuZ Queer Stiftung
Founding of the SchwuZ Queer Foundation gGmbH

We are here for you

Florian Winkler-Schwarz

Managing Director

Marcel Weber

Managing Director

LCavaliero Mann

Artistic Director

Bastian Hanke

HR Director

Helen Ramseier

Head of Gastronomic and Service

Tanja Dierbach

Personnel Planning

Tal Ungar

Head of Design

Lucas Grunert

Event Manager

Jolene Holst

Event Manager

Merle Wenz

Event Manager

Michael von Fischbach

Head of Booking

Zarahlena Frohwitter

Content and Community Management

Minnie Hoàng

Head of Security

David Degener

Head of Security

Ingo Spanka

Technical Director

Portraet von Tim Wildemann, Koordinator und Producer im SchwuZ Queer Club Berlin
Portraet von Tim Wildemann, Koordinator und Producer im SchwuZ Queer Club Berlin

Tim Wildemann

Technical Production Manager

Join our team

We give you all the conditions to become effective and create space so that you can shape your areas of responsibility in a self-determined and self-organized way.

Partners, Networks & Associations

We would like to thank our partners, sponsors and the associations and networks we’re a member of for the steadfast collaboration over the years. Together we make visions become reality.


We’re currently in the process of becoming a completely environmentally sustainable club and are leading by example. For instance, we’re using 100-percent certified green electricity from Green Planet Energy in our club and offices. We try to avoid using packaging materials and reduce waste as much as possible. At the bars we utilize a reusable/deposit system for bottles and we even make the ice for our drinks ourselves on location, which reduces carbon-dioxide emissions. We’ve also switched to energy-saving LED bulbs in our lighting systems for the most part and our ventilation system has a heat recovery system that the whole space benefits from. In our shop we offer tree sponsorships for a reforestation project in Brandenburg to improve tree diversity in the region’s monocultural forests. And all of this is just the beginning!

Wasser lauft aus dem Wasserhahn auf der SchwuZ Toilette
Wasser lauft aus dem Wasserhahn auf der SchwuZ Toilette
Rollstuhlfahrer:in im Rollstuhllift im Foyer des SchwuZ
Rollstuhlfahrer:in im Rollstuhllift im Foyer des SchwuZ


We have a barrier-minimized entry as well as barrier-free movement for wheelchair users in our club. All the hallways and entrances are wide, the bathrooms are accessible, there’s a wheelchair lift and an adapted entrance counter. Non-verbal signage and good lighting guide the way. We also try to keep language barriers to a minimum by having multilingual personnel. You can also pay for entry, coat check and your drinks at SchwuZ using contactless payment possibilities. Holders of a BerlinPass receive discounted entry to our party events. Eliminating barriers is an important topic for us and is always near the top of our agenda. We create a respectful interaction with one another. Everyone should feel comfortable and welcome here. More to come!

What People Say About SchwuZ

SchwuZ is more than an institution. It is legendary, cult, is always a topic of conversation, place of longing and yet always changing. If the community were a living being, SchwuZ would be its heart.

Manuela Kay
Publisher of the SIEGESSÄULE

SchwuZ was my first queer nightlife experience and remains my absolute favorite club to this day. Everyone is welcome here.

Riccardo Simonetti
Entertainer, activist & author

SchwuZ is a feel-good place for me and a sort of expanded living room where I can celebrate our diversity with my community. I can really let loose here.

Max Appenroth
Mr. Gay Germany 2022 & trans*activist

To me, SchwuZ is a Berlin icon – a safer space for the queer community, a place of empowerment and appreciation of radical diversity.

Dr. Klaus Lederer
Senator for Kultur and Europe & Deputy Mayor of Berlin

SchwuZ has accompanied me for more than twenty years, made so much possible for me and advanced my queer emancipation. SchwuZ must become a World Cultural Heritage site. At the least!

Jurassica Parka
Drag queen & comedian

SchwuZ is an integral part of my Berlin. I’ve gone to a looooot of parties in my life, but the best parties were always here.

Dennis Agyemang a.k.a. DJ Caramel Mafia

A night spent at SchwuZ helps me access my empathy for everyone, people whom I have more in common with than what separates us. Regardless of the respective color of their skin, their sexual orientation or age.

Bernd Gaiser a.k.a. Daisy
Co-founder of SchwuZ & SchwuZ e.V., Honorary Queen

In SchwuZ I meet like-minded people, people who think differently, creative people and also very hot people. I can feel free in SchwuZ and continue writing queer history.

Vivienne Lovecraft

SchwuZ is our living room.

Heiner Beißwenger
SchwuZ activist from the very start