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SchwuZ is located at Rollbergstraße 26 in 12053 Berlin.

You can get to SchwuZ using Berlin’s public transit (BVG) as follows:
U7, N7 | Station: Rathaus Neukölln
U8, N8, M43 | Station: Boddinstraße
M43 | Station Morusstraße

SchwuZ doesn’t have any parking places available so you will have to find parking on one of the nearby streets.

Schwuz Eingang bei Nacht mit geöffneten Tueren

You have questions?

Then please feel free to browse our FAQ section or contact us using the form here. Many thanks.

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    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    There is a limited contingent of tickets for our events in advance. In addition, the cash desk usually opens at 10.30 pm. Tickets can then be bought there in the club.

    For lost and found please write an email to or use our contact form here on this page above.

    You can pay all over the club with card and also contactless.

    SchwuZ is obliged to comply with a number of mandatory legal provisions, including the Youth Protection Act of the Federal Republic of Germany. These regulations are binding in all cases and cannot be circumvented, either by way of parental consent or even an accompanying parent or any other person. Special regulations for third-party events can be found in the respective event information.

    Of course. In principle, everyone is allowed to enter SchwuZ – beyond gender boundaries.

    There is free admission to the Pepsi Boston Bar with us. The Pepsi Boston Bar always opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 7 pm. Admission is free during the week – and also on weekends until 10.30 pm. At weekends, capacity is limited to a maximum of 200 people until 10.30 pm. The capacity may be exhausted before 10.30 pm. We do not guarantee free admission before 10.30 pm.

    The darkroom is a space to have sex in (but sex doesn’t necessarily have to happen there!). As you’re well aware, much is possible. What’s important is that consent has been given. Communication is everything!

    We work together with the service provider Love Your Artist. If you have any problems with the purchase of tickets or a payment transaction, please send an email to The friendly service staff there will be happy to help you.

    Of course you can, it isn’t about your gender or your sexual orientation, it’s about your behavior. It isn’t important who you are but rather what you do there.

    No, you need a stamp for that. Make sure that you get stamped before you leave the club.

    You are welcome to bring an empty water bottle into the club. This is a safety issue: the liquid it contains could be almost anything, which is why its contents must remain outside – for everyone’s safety. It’s best if you empty it before you enter the club, that way it’s quicker for everyone waiting in line at the door.

    You aren’t allowed to bring any type of dangerous goods/items (scissors, cutters or pocketknives, pepper spray/mace or similar) into the club. It’s best to just leave them at home! In exceptional cases you can leave such goods with us and pick them back up before you leave the club. Please remember to do this!

    Yes, we have house rules. The house rules apply on the entire SchwuZ premises. In case of a violation of one or more provisions of the house rules, SchwuZ reserves the right to expel, ban and/or take further legal action as is deemed necessary at its discretion.

    We reserve the right at any time to make changes to programs, performance times, line-ups, etc. that have previously been printed or otherwise published or posted.

    Bringing (domesticated) animals to SchwuZ is prohibited.

    Bringing your own food and drinks to SchwuZ is prohibited.

    Bulky and oversized items (including but not limited to gym bags, suitcases, large backpacks, etc.) must be left at the checkroom.

    Bringing fireworks, weapons or weapon-like items is prohibited.

    Admission to SchwuZ is only allowed by showing a (free) ticket, having a spot on the guest list or paying the entrance fee at the door.

    Professional photography, filming, taking videos or making audio recordings are all prohibited without receiving prior written permission from SchwuZ.

    Smoking is absolutely prohibited in SchwuZ except in the designated areas.

    No liability is assumed for any valuables left in jackets, coats, bags or backpacks. Pieces of clothing and bags that are damaged or lost due to the culpability of the personnel will be replaced to a maximum of 150 euros.

    Change received must be immediately checked for correctness. Claims after the fact will not be accepted. Any claims for discounts must be made known to the staff before the payment process and must be proven with appropriate documentation.

    Refunds of paid admission fees based on the content or concept of an event will not be made. If you are thrown out of the club, you are not entitled to receive a refund of any paid admission fees.

    The distribution, consumption or sale of drugs or other controlled substances will lead to a person being banned from the premises and criminal charges being filed.

    People who are heavily intoxicated or under the influence of other drugs may be refused entry.

    People who in any way damage, dismantle or remove any furnishings or other components in or of the building will be expelled from the premises. The same applies to people who threaten, sexually harass, discriminate against, endanger or injure others, or who otherwise disrupt orderly operations on the premises. SchwuZ reserves the right to take further legal action at its discretion. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time using the contact form (see above).

    The distribution or selling of brochures, fliers, other printed materials, any promotional items or other items is prohibited without prior written permission from SchwuZ.

    The use of any third-party vending machines in the building occurs at your own risk. SchwuZ cannot be held liable at all in case of malfunction or for the selection of these machines. Please contact the supplier/manufacturer!

    Instructions given by SchwuZ personnel must be followed in all cases. The staff is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Any instructions they give are for the safety of all visitors.

    You may be photographed or filmed in SchwuZ. By entering SchwuZ, you agree that such photographing or recording may be made and can be used by the SchwuZ Cultural Events GmbH for advertising purposes.

    During events there is a risk of potential hearing loss or adverse health effects due to increased volume levels from the sound systems. SchwuZ Cultural Events GmbH can be held liable for hearing loss or adverse health effects withing the scope of the statutory liability only if it and its vicarious agents can be credibly accused of intent or gross negligence.

    We don’t offer any reservations for tables or lounge areas.

    We offer advanced ticket sales before events. You can find a link to the ticket pre-sale for each specific event.

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