Wir feiern regulär am Freitag und Samstag – je nach Veranstaltung zu Pop, Indie, R’n’B & Hip Hop, All-Time Favorites, Schlager, House & Techno! Je nach Party gibt es in den 3 Räumen, die wir liebevoll ‚Kathedrale‘, ‚Bunker‘ und ‚Salon‘ getauft haben, allerhand zu entdecken: Von Show-Einlagen doller Tänzer_innen und noch dollerer Tunten, Kicker & Tischtennis-Lounge, Talent-Wettbewerben, Foto-Aktionen, einem betreuten Toiletten-Salon bis hin zu Infoständen & einem Soli-Schnaps-Tresen zu diversen emanzipativen und solidarischen Projekten und Aktionen.

Der Raucher_innen-Bereich lädt derweil zum Lage Checken und Ausruhen ein – am Besten natürlich mit Cocktail nach Hausrezept von der Salon-Bar. Neben unserem regelmäßigen Programm freuen wir uns außerdem, das Berliner (Nacht-)Leben mit Konzerten, Lesungen, Filmvorführungen, Diskussionsrunden, Themen-Monaten, Premieren-Feiern undundund bereichern zu dürfen. Aktuelle Informationen hierzu findest Du in unserem Event-Kalender.

The Magnificent Nina West Show DRAG IS MAGIC


26. Januar 2020 19:00 Uhr Anzeigen

Klub Kids presents




Sunday 26th January


DRAG IS MAGIC, thats what Nina West says and thats what we say too. Klub Kids have joined forces with some of the UK’s best drag magicians to create the UK and Europe’s first ever Drag Magic show ‚The Magnificent Nina West Show‘.

Expect an event of camp uplifting drag, hilarious comedy and of course some mysterious magic. This show will be supported by Drag magic performers.






This event is for ages 18+



The Magnificent Nina West Show

QueerPornScreening by Plastic N.3 Curated by Pierre Emö


31. Januar 2020 21:00 Uhr Kultur

Einlass ab 21:00 Uhr

Screening: 21:30 Uhr




– „Doll Parts“ by Four Chambers
– „F*CK, KILL, MARRY“ by Montiel
– „Flower“ by Matt Lambert
– „Maneater“ by Sandra Isaacson
– „She Mirror“ by Yann Gonzales, Alain José Garcia Vergara
– „Switch“ by Maximus Skaff



Filmmakers will be in attendance to introduce their films


Come for the films, stay for PLASTIC, your ticket is valid for both, screening and party

QueerPornScreening by Plastic N.3

Plastic x Crush x Berlin Disaster hosted by Gieza Poke & Bambi Mercury


31. Januar 2020 23:00 Uhr Party

A queer celebration of popculture


Bambi Mercury


House hosted by CRUSH:

Ian Pooley


Doing The Most hosted by Berlin Disaster

Karma She
Berlin Disaster


Show by Gieza Poke and her Rubber Dolls:

Agnes Mitchell
Lola Rose


Free shots by Karlie Kant


Artwork by Marion Habringer



Partykids, das ist eure Zeit. Mit PLASTIC ist eine Eventreihe in die heiligen Hallen des SchwuZ‘ eingezogen, die auf den Floors Fashion, Extravaganz, Extase und Kreativität vereint und mit euch feiert. PLASTIC bringt diverse Communities zusammen und widmet sich der aufregenden Welt der populären Musik. PLASTIC ist ein Zuhause für leidenschaftliche Musikfans der Popkultur auf der Schnittstelle zwischen Kunst und Pop. PLASTIC ist all about now, liefert monatlich aufregende Dragshows und holt euch die Acts nach Neukölln, die aktuell die Blogs begeistern. Musikproduzent und Künstler black cracker & Kollegen sind an Bord, und kuratieren monatlich den Doing The Most Floor. PLASTIC ist eure Artpop-Party, direkt am Puls der Zeit. Life in plastic, it‘s fantastic.

Plastic x Crush x Berlin Disaster

CTM Festival 2020 Bbymutha, Teto Preto, Sicaria Sound, Hibotep & more


1. Februar 2020 22:00 Uhr Konzert

Slim Soledad [BR]
Hibotep [SO/UG]
Bbymutha [US]
Debmaster & MC Yallah [UG]
Sicaria Sound [UK]


› Salon
Mo Chan / DJ Kohlrabi [JP/DE]
Y-DRA – “No-Brain Dance” [ID]
Rizan said music [SY/DE]
Borokov Borokov [BE]


› Bunker – Amplify Berlin
Jessica Khazrik [LB/DE]
Grinderteeth [NO/DE]
Max Dahlhaus [DE]
The Allegorist [HU/DE]
Bora [FR/DE]


Convention-shirking Slim Soledad is part of São Paulo’s vibrant queer collective Chernobyl. She sets the scene in the Kathedrale for a live performance from Teto Preto, known as driving forces within São Paulo’s cultural landscape. Spearheaded by vocalist Laura Diaz, a co-founder of vital party Mamba Negra, the troupe are known for songs such as “Gasolina,” which has been at the forefront of much resistance and activism by young, queer, POC communities. In 2018, they released Pedra Preta via Mamba Rec, described as “an amulet that transforms our generation’s grieving into fighting.”

Hibotep’s music transcends physical and spiritual boundaries. Playing music from all corners of the world, though largely rooted in African and Arab traditions, she rejects rules and conventions in favour of embracing her rebellious nature, and encourages her listeners to do the same.

Tennessee native Bbymutha has worked with producers such as Suicideyear, LSDXOXO, and God Colony to craft a sound that is as genre-defying as her lyrics are feminist. In the Bbymutha universe (a.k.a., The Mutha Land), women are allowed to be (if not downright celebrated for being) sexual, vulgar, ambitious, and savvy.

Debmaster & MC Yallah have been bringing heat to dancefloors, whether via their Hakuna Kulala release Kubali or with their fiery, infectious live sets.

Ndeko & Imbratura, aka Sicaria Sound, are the Deep Medi affiliates known for rattling dancefloors with contemporary dubstep and all other bass-heavy UK sounds. Their sets take inspiration from Imbratura’s love for grime and dancehall, as well as Ndeko’s roots in sound system culture and electro.

In the Salon, Mo Chan aka DJ Kohlrabi sets the tone for an evening of wide-ranging sounds. Y-DRA examines the potential for resistance in koplo (or “stupid” in Indonesian), a popular Indonesian music genre that channels the sentiments and experiences of the country’s working class. Hybrids of new, vivid, visceral sounds, his album and live show titled “No-Brain Dance” channel koplo’s rhythmic elements alongside techno and IDM to shapeshift between identities and realities.

Rizan Said is a prolific composer, musician, and producer who has contributed to hundreds of Syrian music industry productions, and scores for television and cinema. Said’s live performances catalyse fervent dancing driven by the sounds of the Syrian dabke. He will perform following the release of his second solo record, on Akuphone Records.

Belgian ensemble Borokov Borokov guarantee raucous, energetic shows and feverish dancing. The Antwerp-based project offer a pounding mix of hi-NRG, punk, pop, hardcore, lounge music, and power ballads. Absurd and bizarre, the four-part troupe boasts sympathetic mindfucks as they segue from sludgy acid flashbacks to brisk synth-pop.

In keeping with CTM’s support of Berlin’s local culture, the festival will present a collaborative evening with creative development programme Amplify in the Bunker. Jessika Khazrik, writer and performer, delivers both DJ and hybrid sets; The Allegorist sings in a fictional and majestic language in an effort to bridge boundaries; Grinderteeth builds vast, noisy soundscapes through live improvisation; Max Dahlhaus, audio-visual artist and producer, plays live and DJs; and Bora, the multidimensional producer and artist, performs a live set that plays with performance and ritual. To close out the night, the artists come together for a b2b.

The night takes place as part of CTM Festival 2020 – Liminal, taking place 24.1-2.2.2020. The festival’s 21st edition brings together a wide-ranging programme to propose multiple entry points into this year’s theme. Liminal phenomena and states are transitional phases in which a familiar order sees its values and symbols destabilised; norms are suspended or turned on their heads. We find ourselves in ambiguous spaces, somewhere between a past that is no longer valid and an ever-becoming future. With Liminal, CTM 2020 throws itself into limbo in hopes of stimulating a critical discussion of our present and possible futures.


CTM Festival 2020

Daddy Issues Berlin come to daddy


7. Februar 2020 23:00 Uhr Party

Hosted by Joaquim Kiko Dionisio & Patrick Ehrhardt

Room 1/ Salon
Retro, R&B and Hits with
Tamer Wilde

Room 2/ Cathedral
House, Disco and Techno with
Borja Peña
Bill Sanders
Shimmy G

Special Performances from
Absinthia Absolut
Berlin Bruisers
David Dave

Daddy Issues is an all inclusive Queer party open to everybody so bring your dad, your girlfriend and your crush, live your best life and leave your mask for mask or any attitude at the door. Come to daddy and let’s dance all those issues away!


Daddy Issues Berlin

Popkicker by Jurassica Parka


8. Februar 2020 23:00 Uhr Party


by Jurassica Parka


Dark Delirium
Charlet Crackhouse




Biggy van Blond


Destiny Drescher


mit Jurassica Parka





Toiletten-Salon: Jacky-Oh Weinhaus, Matthew Peach


Freischnaps: Ryan Stecken, Miss Pan Am Dragairlines


Sportlehrer: Tom Bola




POPKICKER by Jurassica Parka
Pop & House & Retro + Show um 2 Uhr


Die Party von Berlins most most Superqueen Jurassica Parka mit 3 Tanzflächen, Show, Walking Acts und 4D-Entertainment.




3 Jahre Tasty. LOVE IS IN THE AIR KIKI by LaQuefa 007


14. Februar 2020 18:30 Uhr Party

Pop, HipHop, R’n’B & Middle Eastern Beats


18:30 Einlass
19:00 Beginn Kiki Love is in the Air by LaQuéfa 007
23:00 Party


Registrierung für die Kiki im Facebook-Event.



Katy Bähm
Gloria Viagra


Cherries by Ratchet:

Caramel Mafia


Kismet Allstars:

Baris Cengiz


Special Birthday-Show

3 Jahre Tasty. LOVE IS IN THE AIR

Edith Schröders Kiezdisko mit Anna Klatsche & Victoria Bacon


15. Februar 2020 23:00 Uhr Party

Edith Schröders Pop-Tempel:
Victoria Bacon
Rosetta Bleach


Anna Klatsches Partypuff (90s Mucke all night long):
Anna Klatsche
Didi Disco & Aminus

Flugshow mit Schörlchenrunde


Feinster Retro (70s-80s):
Herr von Keil


3 Engel für Edith-Show mit Victoria Bacon, Anna Klatsche, Edith Schröder, Purrja & Cupcake

KegelDamen-Erotik: Lana L’abia & Jad




Willkommen zur Kiezdisko – seit über 5 Jahren lässt Gastgeberin Edith Schröder jeden Monat die Puppen und alle anderen in ihrem hedonistischen Wohnzimmer am Rollberg tanzen. Futschilicous!

Welcome to KIEZDISKO. Edith Schröder is the only real Housefrau of Neukölln. So real in fact, that she opens up her own living room SchwuZ every month for an evening, when about a thousand people join her for KIEZDISKO. A night of serious debauchery and lighthearted schangeligkeit. We’d love you to come. You’d love to be there. Dance, drink, fall in love, or anything in between.

Edith Schröders Kiezdisko

Die 89. SchlagerNackt-Party! Der Klassiker des nackten Tanzvergnügens


16. Februar 2020 19:00 Uhr Party

…der Klassiker des nackten Tanzvergnügens zu Retro-Schlager und deutschen Coverversionen mit DJ Jupiter & Friends feat. Itzy & Trudi Padma Knusprig
Eintritt: 8 Euro (inkl. Garderobe)


19.00 – 02.00 Uhr


Infos unter www.schlagernacktparty.de

Die 89. SchlagerNackt-Party!

HOT TOPIC: Let's Make Out With the Movies music&politics


21. Februar 2020 20:00 Uhr Party

🌴 20 Uhr Filmscreening: „Rettet das Feuer“ – Ein Film von Jasco Viefhues über Jürgen Baldiga


🌴 22 Uhr SCHWUZ-TALK: Queer Sex 3.0 – Zwischen Stigma und Sexpositivität


🌴 23 Uhr HOT TOPIC Party


🌴 Queer Pop:

Kakao Katzê


🌴 Delicia Latinx-Floor (Perreo, Reggaetton, Salsa brava, Merengue, Cumbia, Dembow, Latin house):

Dani Ramos
Natalia Escobar
Maque Tumai
Bad Puppy


🌴 Karaoke by Macho Queen & Turntino (Venus Boys)


🌴 CineMama-Show: An Oscar worthy performance with the phenomenal Judy LaDivina and the Dragoholic family.


🌴 Solishots & Infostand: Corasol






HOT TOPIC is a queerfeministic project hosting DJ*s, producers and artists offside the heteronormative party-mainstream. HOT TOPIC especially celebrates women, lesbian, trans* and genderqueer people, POC and black artists behind the desks and on stage. It’s not only a party, but a forum for networking that gives home to diverse queerfeministic scenes & topics as well as their rebels and cuties. Each HOT TOPIC supports a political group or project with an infostand and donations. The party offers a wide range of musical styles from queerfeministic tunes to pop, house, Hip Hop as well as R’nB and rock music. It seeks to celebrate and (re)present all those who challenge our perception of mainstream-nightlife and heteronormativity in general – bc queerfeminism is our HOT TOPIC!

HOT TOPIC: Let's Make Out With the Movies

ARTE Berlinale Party celebrate the 70th International Berlin Filmfestival with us


22. Februar 2020 23:30 Uhr Party

***ARTE Berlinale Party***

The 70th Berlin International Film Festival takes place in february and we are very happy to announce the sixth edition of ARTE’s Berlinale party at SchwuZ!

DATE: 22.02.2020
DOORS: 23.59h



Destiny Drescher



Aérea Negrot
Sara Moshiri



DJ trust.the.girl


Show: Lola Rose


Tickets: 15 Euros (Box office only)

ARTE Berlinale Party

Buttcocks meets Plastic grind&dance - a queer celebration of popculture


28. Februar 2020 23:00 Uhr Party

Jacky-Oh Weinhaus
Olympia Bukkakis
Bambi Mercury


House hosted by Studio 69:
Marquis de Shade


Miro Lopasso
Sh Se


Show by Gieza Poke and her Rubber Dolls:
Vivienne Lovecraft
The Darvish


Performance: Cheryl‘s Singalong Toilet


Eintritt: 12 Euro

Artwork by Matthias Panitz


Partykids, das ist eure Zeit. Mit PLASTIC ist eine Eventreihe in die heiligen Hallen des SchwuZ‘ eingezogen, die auf den Floors Fashion, Extravaganz, Extase und Kreativität vereint und mit euch feiert. PLASTIC bringt diverse Communities zusammen und widmet sich der aufregenden Welt der populären Musik. PLASTIC ist ein Zuhause für leidenschaftliche Musikfans der Popkultur auf der Schnittstelle zwischen Kunst und Pop. PLASTIC ist all about now, liefert monatlich aufregende Dragshows und holt euch die Acts nach Neukölln, die aktuell die Blogs begeistern. Musikproduzent und Künstler black cracker & Kollegen sind an Bord, und kuratieren monatlich den Doing The Most Floor. PLASTIC ist eure Artpop-Party, direkt am Puls der Zeit. Life in plastic, it‘s fantastic.

You like it playful? You like it it clean? Wanna dance all night? Wanna take someone(s) home with you? We don’t know what kind of night you want. We at BUTTCOCKS only provide the space and the opportunity for you to have exactly what you want. What it is may remain your secret. We won’t tell, promise. It doesn’t matter if you wanna pop it up with our residents Gloria Viagra and Jacky-Oh Weinhaus, techno it down, house it on both sides of your soul, play it by ear, with your mouth or anything else you can think of. When you’re done dancing, the Techno-Darkroom is where you wanna move next. For insparation we provide erotic entertainment by the BUTTCOCK-ballet and artwork by BUTTCOCK-resident-dirty mind Matthias Panitz. Get offline and get off at Schwuz! Get buttcocked with us.

👉 Check our Facebook group: BUTTCOCKS

👉 Check us on Insta @buttcocks.berlin

Buttcocks meets Plastic

Madonnamania Die Ikonenparty


29. Februar 2020 23:00 Uhr Party

Entertainment: Kenny Dee, Prof. Dr. Cheddar, Jurassica Parka, Biggy van Blond, Stella deStroy, Modeopfer, DJNK, Absinthia Absolut, Kaey, Amy Strong, Peter Dobias Photography u.v.m.


Show: 02 Uhr mit Konzertkartenverlosung für Dua Lipa


Eintritt: 15 Euro


‚Bitch I’m Madonna!‘ Das larger-than-life Ego des Über-Popstars manifestiert sich in einem einzigartigen Event: Der seit 18 Jahren erfolgreichen Ikonen-Party Madonnamania Berlin. Popkultur, Eigensinn & Glamour sind die Konstanten jenes prunkvollen Ereignisses samt Konzertkartenverlosung & Show-Einlagen diverser Szene-Größen. Das scheinbar fleischgewordene Homo-Klischee wird von der Community innig geliebt und ist bei allen Reformationen seiner Leitfigur stets deren oberster Maxime verbunden: ‚This is who i am, you can like it or not, you can love me or leave me, cause i’m never gonna stop‘

Dabei ist es eigentlich ganz egal, ob hier ein Tänzchen mit oder ohne Ironie gewagt wird: Madonnamania ist für alle da! Die vielbeschworene Wandlungsfähigkeit der Pop-Legende kommt natürlich auch der Party zu Gute: Ganz unterschiedliche Musikrichtungen aus verschiedenen Generationen vereinen ein schillerndes Publikum abseits angestaubter Retro-Images. Und so ‚voguen‘ neben Schöneberger Queens & Hipstern aus dem Kiez selbstredend auch leidenschaftliche Fans aus dem Um- und Ausland am fünften Samstag eines Monats zu ihrem Wallfahrtsort Neukölln. Freizeitgestaltung für die ganze Familie also.


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