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SchwuZ Espresso: Always tired in the morning


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You’re always tired in the morning? We know the feeling all too well. The band LAING had the same problem and wrote their hit “Morgens immer müde” (Always Tired in the Morning) about it. You’ve probably also danced to the song in SchwuZ. We celebrated the tenth anniversary of the song with our SchwuZ Espresso in cooperation with the band and Junge Helden e. V., an association promoting organ donations among younger people. The espresso contains a strong yet balanced coffee blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Sooo delicious! It will definitely wake you up.

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The SchwuZ Espresso was created in cooperation with LAING & Junge Helden e. V.

The topic of organ donations is very near and dear to the hearts of the band members of LAING. We’re also pleased to support this. As a little add-on, we include an organ donor card and additional information about the topic with every order.