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The 5 most important DJ* tips

No matter you’re an amateur DJ* in a house party or at popular nightclubs—either newbies who just started to want and learn something new about the art of being a DJ*; or stagers who want to calm their post-pandemic anxiety a little bit by questioning themselves: “How do I actually do that?” Here are some essential tips from an experienced burnt-out transvestite.

1) Read the Audience

The first skill, which is also the most important skill of being a DJ* is to be able to feel for the people on the dance floor. It’s necessary that you go with the flow of the partiers while shining at the stage with your artistry. Some DJs can tell by casting a glance at their audience what kind of music they want to hear. This ability is based on reading between the line of sociological traits: How old are they? Do they listen to the radio? Surely, they need another booze! Or maybe something else? A DJ* always recognizes the mood, depending on the turn s/he has just made in the music mix, or for some, „bummers“— song requests. A certain restlessness of the audience can be recognized by the fact that there are more and more requests, that should be taken into account! Of course, you don’t just play them blindly. You have to have the leisure for it and not get bogged down in your playlists and stare at the laptop. In general, it is important to be attentive for the atmosphere and to view.

In German, the term DJane is also common. However, since the original English term DJ is gender-neutral (disk jockey) and the term DJane is perceived in a derogatory sense, DJ* is used here to indicate “DJs”with all genders.

2) Know your shit

As I said, DJing is an art, but is also a craft; certain basics are simply part of it. You don’t need to start with Beatgrid, the best DJ* software or beatmatching. The bare technology like your setup, the cables, your headphones are simply sufficient. Yet, the technology just sucks sometimes. Thus, it is necessary to be able to analyze possible error sources and fix it. I’d like to recall a key experience of mine in a dance bar back in Schöneberg, where a broken cable ruined basically the whole evening that I had to explain to the supervisor the next afternoon that I didn’t do anything wrong, everything from my side was still working! He then responded me that “As a DJ*, you are also a technician.” This fact has proved itself very truthfully over the years. (P.S. Best wishes to Uli)

3) Have Fun

With the technology and accuracy mentioned in the previous part, DJing is also about letting go and having fun at the same time. Those fun energy can transfer enormously to your environment, and in this case, to your colleagues and to your guests especially. The special mix between craftsmanship and art demands this balance from you over and over again. Do your duty, deliver the energy, and surprise guests with the greatest hits; yet, never should you grind down your playlists, Banging the club floor, and surprise yourself again!

4) Be prepared

Usually, others would certainly perceive preparation as the most important tip because DJ*s are very well-prepared boring music geeks! Strictly speaking, you can prepare for each of the points mentioned here. However, preparation is the fundamental key for all other tips. Organize your playlists by sorting them into different genre, so you can find them perfectly, either years ago or just the previous night. Make sure to pepper with fresh new splashes as well. Just like planning your arrival, with which vibe you’re going to any parties. You have to prepare yourself over and over again! Also, don’t forget this ultra-important tip from my DJ* uncle PomoZ: Always have something good and hearty to eat before the night! 🙂

5) Don’t Overdo It

We are all humans, with all love and desire for the nightlife you literally have to pay attention to your rhythm. Just like the rhythm of the music, you, as a human being should take care to your sleeping cycle and the rhythm in which your life beats. Too many bookings, stresses, and the deep rush can be overwhelming to your own health and sanity. Therefore, don’t accept every performance requests; it’s totally okay to cancel a gig if it just doesn’t work. Preserve your magic and carry forward with your heart! Please

Anna Klatsche is a moderator, DJ* and an organizer. She has been the resident DJ* at SchwuZ for several years.

Follow Anna on Instagram Instagram.

„Big thanks to Jaysen for the translation ❤️“

(c) Lena Meyer
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