SchwuZ will be back in 81 days.



We want to work as transparent as possible:

SchwuZ was founded in 1977 and is Germany’s oldest queer club and largest queer cultural institution. SchwuZ has been located in the rooms of the old Kindl brewery in Neukölln, its fourth location in 43 years, since 2013

The rooms are operated by SchwuZ Kulturveranstaltungs GmbH, which is 100% owned by SchwuZ e.V.. The SchwuZ therefore belongs directly to the community and not to any private person.

As a result of the move, around 1.5 million Euros have been invested on the premises at the Neukölln location to date. In addition, SchwuZ at this moment has around 100 employees and an average of around 300 freelancers working for the club, such as DJs, artists, external staff and technicians who all have to be paid per month.

How is the actual situation?

SchwuZ is back
From October the 27th the NEW Pepsi Boston Bar opens and on October 30th 2021 we will dance again.

Berlin, September 11th 2021 – SchwuZ is back! And that with several surprises.

On Wednesday, October the 27th we will open our new Pepsi Boston Bar for the first time. And this bar is the star. In the future, the bar will be open every week from Wednesday to Saturday, starting at 7pm daily. This will give the opportunity for guests to come to the club for free before the party, because the entrance to the bar is free. Also on the following 3 days 28th, 29th 30 October there will be this regular bar hours from 7 pm. The offer of the bar will consist of a selection of high-quality drinks as well as a bar food offer. In addition, the SchwuZ has specially made a complete redesign of the first area of the club and created with the newly built bar at the same time a complete lounge area, which invites you to relax, talk and enjoy.

On Saturday October 30, we will start the regular club mode with a big reopening party. The party will start at 11 pm. With the thank-you party we would like to thank all people, who supported us during the pandemic. Therefore, there will be free admission for everyone on this day as well. The thirst for dance can finally be satisfied again. We have been waiting for this for so long. And that the queer community has a place to come together again makes us even more happy. If you like, you can leave a donation for the newly founded SchwuZ Queer Stiftung gGmbH. The foundation is dedicated to the promotion of art and culture with a focus on queer art and culture.

From the following week we will start a regular event with Bar on Wednesday, which will be concentrated on Saturdays for the time being. Building up a stable staff as well as curating a high quality club and cultural program takes time. We will carefully ramp up the operation so that we can then under good conditions in 2022 again with a full program as before the beginning of the pandemic.

All events will take place and be conducted under the 2G regulation. We will, of course, adapt to the current conditions and communicate them as the requirements change.

All of us here are looking forward to seeing you again soon at the SchwuZ. ❤️